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Twin-Spotted Rattlesnake

Twin-Spotted Rattlesnake ~ Crotalus pricei

Genus: Crotalus

Species: pricei

Adult body length: 18 – 26 inches

Body length at birth: 7 – 9 inches

Breeding period: April – August

Young per year: 7 – 9 young per year

Typical foods: lizards, small mammals, and birds

Habitat: rocky areas at high elevation

Can be found: South Eastern Arizona

Short description: venomous snake, broad Headed, triangular head, stout, keeled scales, rattle on tail, vertical pupils

General description:

The Twin-Spotted is a venomous snake. It varies

from a blue-grey color, to a light grey or brown color.

Paired spots run down its back from neck to tail.

The spots are often connected to form blotches, or

fade making the snake seem as if it doesn’t have a

pattern. If encountered this snake should be left

alone. Most bites occur when trying to capture or kill

the snake.




October 04 2007 03:59 pm

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